Sedgwick’s casualty risk solutions are designed to care for your employees and customers, protect your brand and save you money. We have the ability to administer programs globally while still understanding the complexities of regional delivery. No matter your challenge – from liability to injury management to compliance – we bring a broad range of services, 各行各业的专业知识, local service delivery tailored to your specific needs and an integrated approach designed to produce the best outcomes.



Sedgwick’s integrated approach to workers’ compensation claims management brings together all of the jurisdictional, 临床, 重返工作岗位 and settlement expertise required for a successful program.


50多年了, Sedgwick has been helping employers answer virtually every question there is about workers’ compensation. As a result, our clients experience some of the best outcomes and lowest overall claims costs. Our integrated workers’ compensation approach helps employers improve the claims process. We have experience in nearly every type of industry, 在每个地区, providing the broadest range of programs and services.


Employers are seeking quality care centered on helping each employee recover, get back to their life and 重返工作岗位. Sedgwick offers a range of integrated or independent solutions such as 临床 consultation, 病例管理, 处方药管理, 重返工作岗位, 行为健康, 辅助治疗, provider benchmarking and bill review. Our services are tailored to each client’s specific needs and designed to produce the best possible outcomes.


Our extensive experience and supporting technology help Sedgwick manage even the most complex liability needs for our clients in all types of exposures. Whether a person is hurt in a store or an auto accident, a patient is injured in a medical facility, a customer believes a product they purchased might be defective, or a company suffers a data breach or other potentially damaging incident, the Sedgwick team is here to take care of each of them. Our unique service approach ensures brand protection and early resolution. Regardless of the type of industry, Sedgwick brings creative solutions to help our clients take better care of their customers.


As the leading provider of auto liability claims administration services for nearly any type of transportation program, Sedgwick is able to offer seamless, integrated third party claims management services for commercial leasing firms, 企业车队, 汽车制造商, 汽车经销商, trucking and transportation companies, public entities and commercial lines carriers.

Sedgwick’s end-to-end auto solution offers first- and third-party auto liability claims management, loss adjusting and program administration, as well as comprehensive appraisal and product recall services specific to the automotive space.

汽车评估 Sedgwick is the industry leader in high quality auto and heavy equipment appraisal solutions in the 美国. Through our tireless dedication to cutting-边缘 technology and longstanding network of more than 1,000名独立评估师, we offer comprehensive coverage for all your claims needs.


网络 events seem to be an everyday occurrence. 但从保险范围来看, defense and claims handling perspective, 挑战是独一无二的, and effective handling involves a planned, thoughtful and immediate response. Sedgwick has the tools and resources needed to identify, respond to and mitigate potential exposure in this fast-evolving sector.


With one of the largest groups of liability experts in the world, Sedgwick stands ready to support and resolve the challenges employers face every day.


Clients choose Sedgwick because of our expertly managed approach to product liability claims. We can support large-scale product recall efforts and smoothly resolve complex liability concerns, but we are also equipped to support clients’ unwavering need to defend their brands and corporations from unfounded, 不真实的或未经证实的说法. We help clients make well-informed decisions about how to navigate each situation.


医疗保健 risk managers are being pushed to find innovative ways to reduce risks, 确保遵从性, 防止不良事件发生. We offer highly innovative services and customized, performance-based solutions. Our professional liability experts have 临床, insurance and legal backgrounds. Their knowl边缘 and experience help clients reduce costs, maximize resources and achieve financially sound programs.


Sedgwick offers customized credit card, warranty and loyalty solutions that create a long-lasting bond between clients and their customers. We develop brand-building products that generate incremental revenue, create powerful reward and loyalty programs, ensure brand affinity and maximize the lifetime value of relationships. We help businesses achieve their goals through better connections – front-line customer service, 电话和网络接口, extended warranty services and more.

Alternative risk and program affinity

全球最大的体育游戏平台官方网站有经验, knowl边缘 and resources to create custom programs and deliver profitable results. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Sedgwick has become the premier provider of alternative and program affinity solutions and is proud to be the #1 program business third party claims administrator.


Starting a captive is a labor-intensive process. We take on the challenge so you can focus on running your organization. Sedgwick’s captive insurance programs give you ownership and control; and a partner with the knowl边缘, the experience and the track record you can count on.


As the premier provider of program business solutions, we’ve earned approvals from more than 50 carriers and handle more than 300 programs for 100 MGAs. Sedgwick is unique because we have our own alternative risk and program affinity division. No matter what combination of services you choose, we can help you deliver results that matter - underwriting profitability, strong member retention and new business growth.


More than 4,000 public entities trust us to manage their pools. 路线图是关键, and we help ensure your pool has a clear direction through annual goals, 时间线, 预算和其他措施. We recommend coverages and services to address all potential exposures — even emerging ones like cyber. Sedgwick also manages everyday administration, so your members can focus on serving the public.


Sedgwick’s specialty practice groups provide adjusting services, consulting and guidance to address all types and sizes of claims. By utilizing benchmarking and peer-to-peer collaboration, we help clients understand how their results compare to those of similar companies and can quickly engage the right resources and solutions to meet unique challenges in many industries, 包括:

  • 航空
  • 建设
  • 网络+科技
  • 教育
  • 能源
  • 工程
  • 环境
  • 医疗保健
  • 热情好客
  • 制造业
  • 海洋
  • 矿业
  • 权力
  • 产品责任+召回
  • 公共实体
  • 房地产
  • 零售+分销
  • 运输